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Building Inspection Council

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Building Inspection

Building Inspection reveals the true condition of the property to the buyers or who ever order the inspection. The inspection is conducted by an qualified and licensed inspector with deep knowledge of building regulations and practices. The inspector provide a detailed report that contains all the major and minor defects in the house.

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Pest Inspection

Pest inspection identifies the present and future danger of the pest and termite in the property. According an estimate, 30% properties in Australia have live termite and pest problems. These pest and termite cause serious damage to the building such as structural damage, Floor issues, etc. The pest can cause health issues for the members of family beside being disgusting. The pest inspection identifies the factors which can encourage to termite and pest infestation.

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Building and Pest Inspection

The building inspection and pest inspection can be combined to save money and time. Although experts suggest to hire 2 separate inspectors of each job. The report informs the client about any potential and present building defects and pest problems.

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Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

The purchase building inspection is a building inspection carried out before buying an existing property. It is essential especially if you are buying an old property. The inspection is carried out just before the exchange of the contract or after the exchange of the conditional contract. In the later scenario, a subject to building inspection condition is added to the contract. The inspection saves the buyers from nasty building issues which can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

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